About Sealed In Wax

Becky Hemby

Becky Hemby, Candlemaker

A native North Carolinian, Becky moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina after pursuing an art education degree at East Carolina University. She came to the area with a student artist program within the National Park Service three decades ago.

She now lives by the water in Currituck County with her husband, four dogs and two cats where she maintains a working studio, making candles. While these days most candle making is more about chemistry and physics, Becky hand crafts tactile, artistically designed candles that are double molded and refillable. Any scents used in the candles are essential oils derived from flowers and plants and the paraffin is recycled.

Combining different paraffins and using double molds, makes these candles refillable. The core burns at a lower melt point, leaving the outer shell in tact.

Becky sells her work to galleries and shops in seventeen states, maintaining thirty five year-round accounts.

Becky is an annual exhibitor in The Buyer’s Market of American Craft, (The Rosen Group) held in Philadelphia. Her work can also be found at www.wholesalecrafts.com.